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LOLER Thorough Examinations are becoming increasingly important for Tail Lift Operators in the UK

Have you ever had a LOLER Thorough Examination carried out on your Tail Lift?  If No is your answer, then you are breaking the law........................

An important part of operating any equipment is it's safety. Tail Lifts are no exception. Not only will a LOLER Tail Lift Thorough Examination reveal if your tail lift is safe to operate, it will also help protect you or your company in the event that a tail lift fails whilst it is in service, or if an employee is injured.  Todays health and safety is proving ever complex. As the years go by, there are more and more additions to legislation.  At Lambournes, we offer a full and thorough LOLER Examination Service to anyone operating tail lifts from a one man band to arranging and forward planning entire fleets of vehicles with tail lifts.   Located at J3 M25, we have mobile engineers all over the South East of England performing these important LOLER Thorough Examinations every day. 

Call us on 08450 36 36 36 to discuss your requirements.  Various packages are available as well as competitive contract rates for large flleets.  We operate UK wide, so matter where you are based, we can ensure your entire fleet are legal. If a thorough examination reveals that work needs to be undertaken to make the tail lift safe to use, then we will outline in a full quote the works needed to put it right.

Kent office: 03302 23 26 26

Essex office: 03302 23 25 26